Personal trainers can help you achieve your health and fitness goals, or they can be an enormous waste of your dollars. The good news is, the choice is yours. And when it comes to selecting the right personal fitness trainer, interviewing the candidate is absolute necessity.


Take note that you are hiring this person as your worker. So think of your initial meeting as a job interview. Don't hesitate to ask questions about the trainer's training approach and what particular things they will do to help you get to your goals. The following are some questions to set you off:


> What type of experience and credentials do you have?


> What are the motivational techniques you often use?


>After I tell you my specific fitness goals, what sort of workout plan are you going to make me?


> How often will you refresh my workout program?


> Do you have present clients I can call as references?


Your first meeting has to be free, and if it's not, find another trainer who will provide answers these questions without requiring you to commit. There are plenty of trainers out there with an entire range of personalities and styles, so do interview at least two or three before deciding to hire someone.


As well, inquire about package details like:


> Do you offer packages and what types?


Generally, the fewer sessions a package includes, the higher it will cost. Also ask what payment options are provided - full amount upfront, per session, installments?


> Can I have single sessions?


> How do you handle refunds?


This is especially important if you are hiring a trainer who is affiliated with a gym. If your trainer is not employed there anymore, for instance, can you get a refund for sessions you've paid for, or will you have to continue with a new trainer? If you don't want to continue with your trainer, can you get your cash back?


> Do you offer multiple-client training?


This typically costs less for each person. If you sign up with a few friends, all of you can save money.


> If I get a package, do I have to use it within a particular period of time?


Make sure you can use all of the sessions before the package expires. 


> What hours do you train clients?


Obviously, you want a trainer who can work within your schedule. 


> What fitness assessments are required and how often?


Fitness assessments - for example, blood pressure screening, body fat testing, tests of strength, flexibility - all help your trainer in define your starting fitness level and devise a safe yet effective exercise program, check it out!


How do you handle cancellations?



Most trainers require 24-48 hours' notice for cancelled sessions so you don't have to pay for them.